Joseph Spencer

The Connecticut State Legislature at the session of January, 1901, appropriated five hundred dollars for a portrait of Major-General Joseph Spencer, also fifteen hundred dollars for a suitable monument, and appointed the following committee in charge of the execution of this work.

John M. Holcombe, Chairman, Hartford
Hon. Morgan G. Bulkeley, Hartford
Wilson C. Reynolds, East Haddam
Charles E. Brownell, East Haddam
John B. Gelston, East Haddam

A lineal descendant of Major-General Joseph Spencer, A. Cass Ledyard of New York City, contributed fifteen
hundred dollars towards the monument fund.

The portrait was painted by Charles Noel Flagg of Hartford, Conn, and was hung on the walls of the Senate Chamber in the Connecticut State Capitol building in Hartford, Conn.

After the submission of plans from a number of monument makers, the committee selected the design of Stephen
Maslen, Hartford, Conn., which is twenty-four feet tall, with a base seven and one-half feet square of Barre Granite.
It has a large sub-base with a die and four columns, and an overhanging cap surmounted by a round column. This has
a square cap with a large ball above and a bronze eagle over all; the likeness of Major-General Joseph Spencer in bronze on the face of the monument; on the reverse side the inscription. The monument was erected and dedicated under the auspices of the Society Sons of the Revolution in the State of Connecticut, in Nathan Hale Park, East Haddam, Conn., Wednesday, June 22, 1904.